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Near attractions

There are several intresting places to visit within a short drive from the holiday cottages.

A list of some attractions below :


Valamo monastery Valamo monastery and Lintula convent in Heinävesi. Distance 50 kilometres from the holiday cottages.
Kermansavi Kermansavi ceramics factory and shop in Heinävesi. Distance 40 km.
Kolovesi natural park The wilderness-like National Park offers an attractive setting for canoeing or row boating in midst of the peaceful landscape. In the quiet atmosphere you can only hear the natural sounds. Distance 45 km.
Kerimäki wooden church The largest wooden church in the world. It is 45 meters long, 42 meters wide and 27 meters high. The height of the dome is 37 meters. Distance 50 km.
Retretti art center Retretti art center in Punkaharju. It is one of the largest art centres in the Nordic Region. Distance 70 km.
Lusto forest museum Lusto forest museum and science centre in Punkaharju. Distance 70 km.
The Savonlinna Opera Festival

The Savonlinna Opera Festival in Savonlinna. Distance 75 km.

Olavinlinna castle Medieval Olavinlinna castle in Savonlinna. Distance 75 km.

Attractions for children

Kesämaa water park in Punkaharju (distance 70 km) and Kitee zoological park in Kitee (distance 95 km).

Lekotti downhill skiing center Lekotti downhill skiing center in Savonranta. Distance 20 km.
The main village in Savonranta. Shops and restaurants. Distance 18 km.